01. Introduction to Sorting

In this section, we'll cover sorting. Before we get started, let's cover the base class and some sorting basics.

Stable vs. Unstable

A sort that is stable means that order of elements with the same key are preserved.

For example, if I had a list of {f, F, D, d, W, n, K, i} and I wanted to sort alphabetically (ignoring the cases) I would have {D, d, f, F, i, n, K}. Since D and d, along with f and F have the same value in terms of precedence, the letter that appears before the other in the original list appears first in the sorted array.

Sort class

All the lessons in the section will use code that inherits from the Sort class. We could use generics to sort different types of objects (with respective .equals()) methods, but we'll keep it simple and focus on the algorithmic parts.

 * Contains the functionalities of any class that is able to Sort an array of ints.
 * @author Code Snipcademy
 * @version 1.0.0 May 16, 2015.
public class Sort {
   * Swap two elements in our int array.
   * @param index1 First index
   * @param index2 Second index
  public static void swap(int[] inputArray, int index1, int index2) {
    int temp;
    temp = inputArray[index1];
    inputArray[index1] = inputArray[index2];
    inputArray[index2] = temp;

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