03. Background Placement background-clip, background-origin

You can specify where in your container you want the background to be placed in. There are two CSS properties you can use:background-clip andbackground-origin.

Background Clip

The background-clip property tells where the containing element should start clipping the background. By default, it is set to border-box.

background-clip: border-box

background-clip: padding-box

background-clip: content-box

The image still starts at the top right corner.

The red color indicates portions that are cut off. Thus the border-box won't cut any of the image, while the padding-box and content-box does.

Background Origin

The background-origin tells where a background's top right corner should be placed.

This is very similar to background-clip in its option for values.

Thus, by having the same value for this property as background-clip, we can avoid an image from being cropped.

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