04. Positioning A Background

To position a background within the containing element, we use the background-position property.

The values we can place are top, center, bottom, left, and right.

Additionally, we can use combintations like right top, which is exemplified here.

We can also use a length or a percentage. The point of origin is the top left, which can be specified by 0% 0%. 50% 50% would be center.

Attaching the Background with fixed

Sometimes you want the background to stay in place while the user scrolls down. In this case, all other elements will move down, while the background stays in place.

To achieve this effect, use the background-attachment property with the fixed value.

Alternatively, you can specify scroll if you want the background image to move up and down as the user scrolls.

Make sure your image is long enough, or is repeatable if you set your value to scroll!

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