02. Display

To control how elements flow within our content, we use the display property.

The possible values include: inline, block, andinline-block.


A value of inline makes the element displayed within the flow of a line.

Some examples of inline-block elements that you may have seen are <span>, <em>, and <markup>

Remember that these elements do not start their own block, but rather situate themselves with the flow of the surrounding content.


When the display is set to block, the element is positioned with line breaks under and over it. Some of the default block elements in HTML include: <h1> and <p> tags.


In case you wanted a hybrid of both, we can specify, inline-block level elements. Here, the element will flow like an inline-element, but are able to have a specified height.


Using a value of none takes that element completely out of the page. This is useful for switching the visibility of an element on and off.

display: none vs. visibility: hidden

There is another CSS property similar to display: none called visibility: hidden that can also hide elements.

The difference is that display: none takes the element box completely out of play, while visibility: hidden keeps the box and flows it in place without the contents being visible.

If you don't want a blank space to appear, use display: none.

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