04. Applying Fonts font-family, font-size

After we have chosen which font to use, and loaded them up using the @font-face property, we can now apply them to our webpage.

Applying fonts to text

To specify the text, we use the font-family property.

In case the user does not have a certain font, we list multiple, each separated by a comma. This list is called the font stack.

The user's browser then goes through each font, from left to right, searching for a font that works until it finds one.

p {
  font-family: Consolas, Arial, Helvetica, Serif, "Times New Roman";

Notice how we have to use quotation marks ("") when specifying a font that is longer than one word.

There are a few "safe" fonts such as Arial, Verdana and Times New Roman that are guaranteed to work.

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