02. Font Types serif, sans-serif, monospace

There are quite a few fonts out there, but they can all be broken down into three main categories: Serif, Sans-serif and Monospace.

1) Serif

Serif fonts contain a bit of extra detail at the ends of the main strokes. These fonts were considered easier to read back in the olden days. Some serif fonts that we still use today include: Georgia, Times New Roman, and Palatino.

2) Sans-serif

Sans-serif includes all fonts that have straight ends to letters. They are not only considered "modern" and "clean," but are also said to be easier to read, especially when the text is small. In fact, this font that you're right right now is a Sans-serif font. Some examples include: Arial, Comic Sans, and Tahoma.

3) Monospace

Monospace fonts are unique in that they have fixed-width, which makes great for displaying code. Examples include: Courier New, Lucida Console, and Monaco.

There are two other categories that are mainly used for headings, or for special designs. We advise that you do not use this as your body text, as it can be difficult to read.

Now that you know the different types of fonts, let's learn how to get them installed onto your viewers' browser.

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