03. Readability

Readability is how well your users can follow text. This includes spacings between line height and width.

Furthermore, to improve readability, we must properly plan out the flow of text by chunking related blocks.

Line width

Consider the length of a line. If a line length is too long, the user may end up moving his eyes too much, causing a very strenuous and tiring experience.

Paragraphs that are too narrow can be tiring as well, as it causes repeated breaks to the next line.

In an optimal setting, you should aim for around 50-70 characters (including spaces).

Line Height

Line height can also affect readability. If lines of text are too close to one another, it'll be difficult to read the text horizontally. An optimal size for the body line height is about 150% body font size. This means that your line-height should be around 1.5em.


The layout of text should be intuitive for the user to navigate. When the user lands on your page, you want to guide his or her eyes in a certain pattern. Thus your page format should have a visual order with bold headings, images, line rules and chunks of text.

Related content should be grouped together, forming what are called "chunks." The smaller the space between them, the more they seem related. To see if chunking is working, zoom out of the page. Each chunk should be uniform, as users assume that chunks of text are related.

White Space

To give each chunk the proper amount of breathing room, we apply white space. Applying white space is an elegant way of framing content. It provides the user with better spacing.


Links should be easily identifiable. If links look too alike normal text, the user may become confused. It's important to add something like a different color, or a font decoration (eg. underline).

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