Table of Contents

Ever wonder how webpages are structures? Find out how web documents are structured and learn how to make a website with our HTML guide for beginners. 

  1. Introduction
  2. Follow our free tutorial on how to use HTML 5 and set up your first document! In this section, we'll go over HTML syntax, and the meta tag.

    1. Introduction to HTML
    2. Ever wanted to build a website, but didn't know where to start? Start here at with our HTML tutorial!

    3. HTML Syntax
    4. Learn the three major components of HTML syntax and how it works!

    5. Building your first HTML playground
    6. Learn how to build your very first functional webpage with proper HTML5 synax!

    7. Meta tags
    8. Meta tags are vital to notify what your webpage is about. Learn the different kinds here.

  3. Text
  4. Learning about HTML text elements including small and large, marked, delete, along with math and computer elements. Also go over what is a URL and how to place links.

    1. HTML Text Components
    2. Learn the basic HTML text elements include the header, paragraph, strong and em tags.

    3. More HTML Text Components
    4. Learn more HTML text elements including small and large, marked, delete and insert, quotations, abbreviations, definitions and contact information.

    5. HTML Math and Computer Elements
    6. Learn how to properly format an HTML file using mathematic and scientific notation, and computer code. This lesson will cover the subscript and superscript tags, the keyboard <kbd> tag, and sample output <samp> and sample code <code> tags.

    7. Adding Symbols Outside the Roman Alphabet
    8. Learn how to apply non-alphanumeric symbols through HTML!

    9. What is a URL?
    10. Learn what a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is.

    11. How to Place a Link in HTML
    12. Learn how to place links to external webpages on your HTML document.

  5. Presenting Data
  6. Learn about ordered and unordered lists, dictionary lists and creating HTML tables.

    1. HTML Ordered and Unordered Lists
    2. Learn how to properly structure your HTML to present ordered and unordered lists using the <ol>, <ul> and <li> tags.

    3. HTML Dictionary Lists
    4. Learn about the obscure HTML dictionary lists, <dl>, which are useful for defining terms.

    5. How to create HTML Tables
    6. Learn how to use HTML tables to organize data for presentation.

  7. Intermediate
  8. Ever wondered what's the difference between span and div? We'll go over this as well as how to create a form, and learn about HTML5's new sectioning tags here.

    1. Difference between HTML span and div elements
    2. Ever wonder the difference between the HTML span and div tags?

    3. Embedding HTML Images
    4. Learn how to properly embed an image in your HTML webpage.

    5. How to create an HTML Form
    6. Use HTML forms to obtain user input.

    7. HTML Sectioning
    8. Learn about HTML 5's new sectioning elements include <nav>, <article>, <aside>, and more.