01. Span and Div

All the tags we saw thus far have clear, semantic meanings. <p> for paragraph, <h1> for main heading and <table> for constructing a data table.

However, the span and div tags don't have much of a meaning, and are simply used to section off content from one another.

So what's the difference?

<span> displays in-line

The <span> element get shown in-line, meaning whatever it wraps it will get displayed within the line.

A common in-line element you're familiar with already are the <em> tags. Text within the <em> tags are simply placed within its containing element.

<div> displays block

<div>, on the other hand, displays block, meaning it has a line break before and after it.

A common block-displaying element is the <p> tags or the <h1> tags, which break off a space before and after it.

So when we would ever use these tags?

We can use span and div tags with an id or class attribute. With these attributes set, we are able to target specific elements for styling with CSS.

Additionally, breaking off content into smaller chunks with a div class makes for better organization.

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