02. Generic Classes

Let's jump right into an example of a generic class.

public class Container<E> {
  private E element;
  Container() { element = null; }
  Container(E element) { this.element = element; }  
  public void set(E element) { this.element = element; }
  public E get() { return this.element; }

The class above is a Container, which stores an element E of any type the user specifies.

Formal and Actual type parameters

The letter in the brackets <E> is known as the formal type parameters.

This descibes some element type. When we instantiate the Container object and define a type, the E is replaced by the actual type argument.

Let's see how instantiation is done below.


To invoke this class, we perform a generic type invocation.

Container<Integer> intContainer = new Container<>();

Note that we just have <> instead of <Integer> in our constructor. Since Java SE 7, the inclusion of the type in the second <> became optional.

Great! Now we have a container that can hold an integer.

An important caveat of using generics is that they don't accept primitive data types. Let's learn how Java Autoboxing handles this in our next lesson.

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