05. Generic Inheritance

Generics inheritance is a teeny bit tricky because it's different from regular object inheritance, but we'll have all that cleared up in no time!

Take a look at this code.

Integer b = new Integer();
Number a = b;

It runs just fine since Integer is a subclass of Number.

Now let's try the same logic using generics.

ArrayList<Integer> intList = new ArrayList<>();
ArrayList<Object> objList = intList;  // Compile time error

When we try to compile this, we get and error.

Test.java:9: error: incompatible types: ArrayList<Integer> cannot be converted to ArrayList<Object>

We would think that this would work, because Integer is a subclass of Object. However, it doesn't work because generics do not work like that.

generic inheritance in java

ArrayList<Integer> is not subtype of ArrayList<Object>, even though Integer is a subclass of Object. If we want to use generics on a more general level, we need to use wildcards, which are denoted by a ? symbol.

This a very important concept! Make sure you understand this before moving on.

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