04. Built-in Objects

There are three types of built-in-objects in JavaScript. These three groups of objects are used to create the interactivity of a web page.

  1. Global JavaScript Objects
  2. Browser Object Model
  3. Document Object Mode

Global JavaScript Objects

Global JavaScript Objects are objects that allow for different functionalities. Examples include String, Number and Boolean (which we have seen before) and Date, Math and Regex. These basic objects provide basic building blocks for developing interactive websites.

Thus, we may call on object methods such as Math.PI() to access π, or Date.getDate() to access the current date.

Browser Object Model

The Browser Object Model provides a model for the current tab or window. It also acts to contain a number of other objects that are all related to the current browser window.

Examples of some of the parameters one can access through this model include the URL of the current page, information about the user's browsers and the screen width and height.

Document Object Model

The Document Object Model (DOM) is actually part of the Browser Object Model, but due to its expansive and importance, it deserves its own section.

In short, this object gives developers an access point to the HTML elements of the current web page. Thus, to access properties and attributes specific components of the page (such as selecting a specific element with document.getElementById('example')), we may use the DOM.

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