02. Sets

Sets are an unordered collection of items with no duplicates. If you add an element that already exists within a set, nothing happens.

Creating sets

To create a set, we may use the setfunction, or use curly braces ({}).

set() function

With the set function, we can grab the unique characters from within a string.

>>> yellowFruit = set('banana') 
>>> yellowFruit 
{'b', 'a', 'n'}

Curly braces {}

If we create sets using curly braces, then we can be more specific as to which strings we want in our set.

>>> banana = {'ba', 'an', 'na'}
>>> banana
{'ba', 'an', 'na'}

Frozen set

In a regular set, the elements can be modified with methods add() and remove(). Due to this, we cannot use a hash values within regular sets, causing a slight decrease in efficiency.

Instead, we may use frozen sets to achieve hashability. These are immutable, but are slightly more efficient. To call a frozen set, use the frozenset function to create one.

Set functions

You may compare sets as they are mathematically.

x in s
Does x exist in s?
x not in s
Does x not exist in s?
Union. Returns set with elements from both s and t.
s & t
Intersection. Returns set of elements common to s and t.
s - t
Returns a new set with elements in s but not in t.
Copies a new set with a shallow copy of s.
Disjoint set. Boolean returns whether set s and c have anything in common.
s <= t, s < t
Subset. Checks if s is a subset of t.
s >= t, s > t
Check if s is a superset of t.

Here are some samples of the functions above.

>>> s = set('banana')
{'b', 'a', 'n'}
>>> print(s)
>>> t = set('pineapple')
{'a', 'i', 'e', 'n', 'l', 'p'}
>>> print(t)
>>> len(s)
>>> s.union(t)
{'a', 'i', 'e', 'b', 'n', 'l', 'p'}
>>> s.intersection(t)
{'a', 'n'}
>>> s.difference(t)

Set Manipulation

s |= t
Update s by adding elements in t.
s &= t
Intersection updating.
Updates s to keep elements that are found in both s and t.
s -= t
Different updating.
Updates s to keep only the elements that are in s but not in t.
s ^= t
Symmetric difference.
Updates s to keep only the elements that are either s or t.
Adds item to s.
Remove item from s.
Removes item from s.

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