01. Booleans and logical testing

Python comes in a variety of data types. Before we go over the more interesting data structures (like collections) let's take a brief tour of the primitive data types - booleans, numbers and strings. We'll start with the most basic type - Booleans.


Booleans contain just two values - True and False. These values are case-sensitive, so don't forget to uppercase the first letters!

Booleans can be the result of expressions.

>>> 2 < 3
>>> 2 > 3
>>> 2 < 2 < 1

True and False are interchangable with 1 and 0. Additionally, the empty string "" is treated as False, while all other values are equivalent to True. It's best practice to use actual boolean types.

Boolean Operators

Booleans have operators not, and and or that can be used in conjunction with boolean data types.

>>> not True
>>> True and False
>>> False or True

Later on you'll see that booleans are used in conditional statements for flow control. For example, in an if statement, the block of code that becomes execute depends on the boolean value of the expression proceeds the if statement.

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