03. Repetitions and Optionals

Reiterating a single regex expression

If we want to reiterate a single regex expression, we can do so with braces ({}). Within the braces we can specify up to two numbers, separated by a comma.

Match preceding element (if it occurs) exactly n times.
at least n times, but no more than m times.
n or more times.
no more than m times.

Here are some concrete examples:

Match any character 4 or more times.
Match any digit between 5 and 10 times.
Matching zero or many elements

To match an element zero or many times, use the Kleene star, which is an asterisk (*) placed after a specific character.

Match at least one element

To match a previous element at least once, use the Kleene plus (+). This is a tighter regulation than the Kleene star, as it ensures there is at least one of the preceding character.


To match an element zero or just one time, use the question mark (?). To match an actual question mark, escape it. (\?).

Match zero or many digits.
Match one or many lowercase alphabet letters.
Match the characters a, b or c zero or just once.


You can use conditionals to specify either-or relations. Use the logical or (|) between two options.

Selects either cats or dogs.

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