08. Searching for characters in Vim f, F, t, T, ; (semicolon), , (comma)

We can quickly navigate a line by searching characters. We can do this using the find and til keys: f - to the first character ahead "fa" moves cursor to "a" ahead F - to the first character behind "Fa" moves to the first "a" behind t - up to the first character ahead T - up to the first character behind The difference between the "f" and "t" is that one moves up to the letter, and the other moves directly on top of the letter. Try searching for any letter in any line in this file. Since it can get cumbersome if we have multiple occurences before our desired destination, we can use the repeat commands: ; (semicolon) - repeat the command , (comma) - reverse the command; search backwards of what you started with Try getting to the last "e" character in this sentence. Now try going back to the first "e." Review Questions: 1) What is the fastest way to copy a line? 2) How do you paste above your current line? Solutions: 1) "yy" 2) "P"

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