04. Navigating sentences and paragraphs {, } (braces), (, ) (parantheses)

Now let's see how to navigate through sentences or big blocks of code! Use these keys to wade through sentences in a paragraph: ( - start of sentence ) - end of sentence (Again, apologies, but these don't work in-browser. They will work in external vim, however.) This is a sample sentence. This is another sample sentence. Does a question mark complete the a sentence? How about an exclamation point? Yes! Yes they all do! Isn't this so exciting? Yes. Yes it is. To find the end of a sentence, Vim looks for "?", ".", or "!". To skip entire paragraphs, use: { - start of paragraph } - end of paragraph Vim considers any block of text surrounded with blank lines as a paragraph. /** * A class that demonstrates the usefulness of vim * keyboard shortcuts. Simply navigate this class * file using the { and } keys. * * @author CodeSnippetsAcademy * @version 1.0, December 11, 2014 * */ public class Car { public String color; // color of our car public int speed; // How fast our car is moving (mph) /** Parameterized constructor * @param aColor - the color of a car * @param aSpeed - the speed of the car */ public Car(String aColor, int aSpeed) { color = aColor; speed = aSpeed; } /** Default constructor */ public Car() { color = "blue"; speed = "50"; /** set the color of the car */ public void setColor(String newColor) { color = newColor; } /** set the speed of the car */ public void setSpeed(int newSpeed) { speed = newSpeed; } /** apply brakes */ public void applyBrake(int decrement) { speed -= decrement; } /** speed up */ public void speedUp(int increment) { speed += increment; } } Review Questions 1) How would you navigate through lines of code, where there are indentations? 2) What's the difference between using "0" and "^"? Solution: 1) You can use "-" and "+" or "-" and "[return]". Using the [return] is more efficient since you don't have to hold the [shift] key. 2) "0" is to the beginning of the line, while "^" is to the first non-white space of a line.

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